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Investment Property Mortgage

Every day, more and more individuals are expanding their financial portfolio by considering another property for investment. If properly planned, an investment property can do wonders for your financial goals. Securing a mortgage with a reputable lender is the best way to eliminate any risks.

We can help you find the right lender for your investment property mortgage. As your dutiful advocates, we will find you the lender whose terms help you with near- and long-term prosperity.

For more information, contact our firm at (416) 258-0156 today. We cannot wait to work with you.

Investment Property Mortgage

Why Procure an Investment Property Mortgage?

You will likely need to procure an investment mortgage if you are considering the following:

  • Purchasing new property to generate ongoing revenue through tenants
  • Selling property after value has increased
  • Converting your current home to a rental property

Can I Get a Mortgage for an Investment Property?

In order to qualify for an investment property mortgage you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have good credit history
  • Sufficient rental income
  • Sufficient non-rental income

Are Investment Property Mortgage Rates Higher?

An investment mortgage is different than the typical homebuyer’s mortgage for several reasons. Due to the high-risk nature of the commercial property market, interest rates may be higher. With us as your representatives, we’ll make sure you secure an interest rate that satisfies your financial concerns.

How to Secure a Low-Risk Mortgage?

As licensed mortgage brokers, we do not work on behalf of any specific lender or financial institution. When you contract our services, we work for you and you alone. Through an in-depth analysis of your existing financial portfolio, we’ll show lenders you are the ideal mortgagee. This client-centered approach allows us to side-step unattractive mortgage plans and direct you to the many excellent options available. With us as your trusted intermediaries, you’ll secure a low-risk, customized mortgage plan.

Working with us allows you to leverage your position as a serious investor. Rest assured, you won’t have to settle for an unsatisfactory agreement. You’ll be able to secure the lowest interest rates available today.

How Much Do You Have to Put Down on an Investment Property?

While owner-occupied dwellings only require as little as 6% down payment, non-owner-occupied dwellings require down payments of as much as 20%. While this might seem daunting to some, our firm can show you all the ways in which a significant down payment can work to your advantage in the long run.

Contact Us To Invest Property Mortgage Brokers Today

With our firm’s resources at your disposal, you’ll secure the most sought-after mortgage for your investment property.

Even after we’ve finalized the favorable terms of your mortgage, we’ll always be available to field your questions. Our firm is in the business of forging strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Should you have questions today, tomorrow, or the next day, do not hesitate to contact us at (416) 258-0156. We are always ready to take your call.

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