New to Canada Mortgage in Mississauga

Canadian newcomers depend on the mortgage specialists at eMortgage Solutions. Our team will help you and your family get established in Canada through our streamlined mortgage brokerage services.

We can introduce you to various incentives and specials available to newly arrived immigrants in Mississauga. We can accommodate your needs and situations, helping you plan for the future confidently.

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Can a Permanent Resident Get a Mortgage in Canada?

Yes. A permanent resident, or one who has been in Canada for at least two years, is certainly eligible to apply for a mortgage.

In fact, several options are available even for newcomers who have yet to obtain their permanent residencies. If you have a valid work visa, and at least three months of full-time employment, you may qualify for certain mortgage plans and products. eMortgage Solutions can help you enter the housing market. Set up a consultation today.

Who Is Considered a Newcomer to Canada?

In general, a newcomer to Canada is defined as someone who has been here at least three months, but not more than 60 months (five years). Want to know if you qualify for a New to Canada mortgage? Reach out to us today, and we will help you in your quest to buy a house.

Can You Buy a House Without Extensive Credit or Employment History?

Good credit and employment histories are often prerequisites to mortgage applications. However, many lenders are aware that new Canadians haven't had the opportunity to establish themselves in the same way. Therefore, many will offer mortgage options designed for these applicants.

Credit histories can be transferable between countries, and with a proven history of good financial standing, you may qualify for a mortgage. eMortgage Solutions will show you through the various options and lenders that will be most accommodating to your situation.

What Incentives Are Available to Canadian Newcomers?

Several lenders offer specialized programs designed to accommodate new immigrants. In order to qualify, you will typically be required to provide the following information:

  • Ability to pay a down payment and related expenses such as closing fees
  • Proof of employment and income
  • 3 months of established work history
  • Low debt-to-income ratio
  • Provide all debts

eMortgage Solutions will work on your behalf to find the best and most affordable mortgages. You can count on us to get you closer to your dream of property ownership.

eMortgage Solutions Can Help Newcomers to Canada Find a Mortgage

A mortgage broker provides an extensive range of services to anyone considering purchasing a property. As an impartial party, we browse through an extensive range of lenders, offering unbiased advice and recommendations. We tailor our services to each individual and family.

eMortgage Solutions's brokers have years of experience and are fully licensed and accredited as mortgage specialists. We will help you prepare for the application.

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