Variable-Rate Mortgage in Toronto

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What Is a Variable Mortgage Rate?

A variable mortgage rate has a floating interest rate: The amount of interest you pay will fluctuate based on any changes to the prime lending rate in Canada.

If prime goes up, so will your interest rate. But if prime goes down, you’ll be able to enjoy a lower interest rate on your mortgage.

Typically, variable-rate mortgages have a five-year fixed term, after which the mortgage can be renewed or renegotiated. During the length of your term, your monthly payments will stay fixed at a set amount. Even if prime decreases, your monthly payments will remain the same. What will change is the length of time it’ll take to pay off your mortgage: with a lower interest rate, you’ll pay it off sooner. But again, the opposite is true, too. If prime goes up, you can expect to be paying off your mortgage for a longer length of time (also known as the amortization period).

A variable-rate mortgage may be right for you if:

  • Interest rates are high and expected to drop
  • You can handle a more extended borrowing period
  • You don’t mind trading higher risk for higher reward

Variable-Rate Mortgage vs. Fixed-Rate Mortgage: What’s the Difference?

Unlike a variable mortgage, a fixed mortgage rate stays constant throughout the mortgage term, regardless of any changes to the prime lending rate. As such, a fixed-rate mortgage offers more predictability and stability but tends to have a higher overall interest rate.

Fixed-rate mortgages can have different term lengths. Whereas a variable-rate mortgage usually has a five-year term, a fixed-rate term can last anywhere from one year to five years to anywhere in between.

A variable-rate mortgage has:

  • A floating interest rate based on prime
  • A fixed five-year term
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • A varying amortization period
  • Lower interest, higher risk

A fixed-rate mortgage has:

  • A fixed interest rate
  • Varying term lengths
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • A standard amortization period
  • Higher interest, lower risk

How Do I Find a Good Variable-Rate Mortgage?

A local mortgage broker from eMortgage Solutions is your best bet for finding a good rate on your mortgage.

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