Investment Property Mortgage in Toronto

For individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, investing in property is an exciting way to expand their financial portfolio. Managing an income property gives you a chance to pursue other ventures while tenants pay your mortgage, and the property itself increases in value.

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What Is an Investment Property?

An investment property (also known as an income property) is real estate purchased for the purpose of generating income or capital gains. For individuals looking to diversify their portfolio while steering clear of the high-stakes stock market, this is a sound and savvy choice.

Income-generating properties can be residential, commercial, or mixed-use properties. They can also be occupied by the owner or be non-owner-occupied rental properties. While the terms and down payments on mortgages for these types may vary, one thing is certain: with the right broker working on your behalf, you can secure a low-interest mortgage that guarantees capital gains. That is where our firm comes in.

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Can I Get a Mortgage for an Investment Property?

Many people want to purchase second properties for investment purposes, but they are unsure of how to begin the process.

Thankfully, there are many options available to enterprising property owners. If a mortgage finances your property with profit-generating terms, you can begin generating income almost immediately.

Due to the risks associated with investment properties, lenders prefer to work with low-risk borrowers. With one of our professional brokers acting as an intermediary between you and the nation’s leading lenders, you’ll secure the mortgage terms you need to thrive financially.

How Much Are Down Payments for Income Property Mortgages?

Down payments are sometimes higher because of the high loan costs typically associated with multiple-unit investment properties. Traditionally, the minimum down payment for an investment property is 20%. If the owner occupies one of the property’s units, however, the down payment may be as low as 5% or 10%.

Are Mortgage Rates Higher for Investment Properties?

Rates for investment mortgages vary depending on the size of the down payment and other criteria. If you do qualify for an investment mortgage, many of the traditional mortgage rates and terms are available to you. These mortgage types include fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages.

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